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Animal Welfare Society microchipping now available to public

By Staff | Apr 20, 2015

The Animal Welfare Society shelter located on Leetown Pike now microchips all incoming pets if they are not already chipped. Microchips are very effective in locating the owners of lost pets. Most shelters and veterinarian offices have a scanner that can read the chip and acquire the owner information. The microchip is painlessly inserted into the skin in the neck of the pet.

The AWS staff has been trained in this procedure by AWS volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Adrianne Doering. This service is included in the adoption fee at no extra charge. The shelter registers the SMART TAG for the adoptee with no yearly fees for updates. The only responsibility of the owner is to keep phone numbers and addresses up to date.

The Animal Welfare Society now offers microchip services to the public for $20 per pet, by appointment only Wednesday through Saturday. All one needs to do is call the shelter at 304-725-0589 to set up an appointment for a pet’s microchipping. AWS has been helping homeless pets since 1952 and maintains a shelter located on Leetown Pike, just past the Jefferson County fairgrounds. For more information or to view pets available for adoption, visit www.awsjc.org or go to AWS Facebook.