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Local author knows Moms Know Best

By Staff | May 8, 2015

In a newly released story, the “totally snarkastic mom,” local blogger Teri Biebel will say the words all moms long to hear: “You were right.”

As a part of the anthology, “Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee,” Biebel celebrates her mom’s wisdom in matters of the heart.

One of more than 40 stories from fellow bloggers and writers, Biebel said her piece is about the moment she, as a mother herself, looked back at her own childhood with greater understanding.

“Mother Knows Best, Really,” was inspired by a conversation Biebel had with her 14-year-old daughter about mistakes she’d made in love as a young woman.

“It was like a light bulb went on over my head,” said.

The daughter of a divorcee, Biebel’s story recounts her difficulty accepting choices she watched her mom make in romantic relationships with men.

“My parents were divorced when I was seven. And she had married my stepfather when I was a freshman in high school and they were married for three months before they got a divorce.”

“I looked back at mom when she was making bad choices in relationships and thought, “I would never do that. Then I grew up and realized, I did the exact same things.”

“My mother actually said, someday you’ll understand,” Biebel said.

More heartfelt than usual, but still humorous, Biebel’s contribution is one of many perspectives shared in the book.

Biebel named titles such as “You can’t get pregnant if you take an aspirin,” “Lessons from a working mom,” and “The kid collector,” as some highlights.

Writing for her own “Snarkfest,” blog for the past three years now, she describes her posts as rantings and musings on raising children and current events.

“It’s my sarcastic take on things.”

“Snarkfest,” has hit around 10,000 views a month according to Biebel. A feat she says she’s satisfied with.

“I’m a novice at it. I’ve got a full time job. I’ve got two kids… I do it as a hobby,” she said.

“I guess I’m doing okay.”

Though Biebel said she isn’t sure she’d take on the challenge of writing her own book, she’s happy for the exposure anthologies have provided her.

“It’s good experience for me and if it makes people laugh, than it’s all the better.”

This is the third anthology that Biebel has participated in. 2013’s “I Just Want to Pee Alone,” just made the New York Times Bestseller List, Beibel said.

“Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee,” available in print, Ibook and for Amazon’s Kindle, is out now in time for Mother’s Day.

“One of them is going to my own mom with her Mother’s Day card,” Biebel said.

“She always been my biggest supporter.”

To find more information about Biebel visit her blog at www.snarkfestblog.blogspot.com.