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Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan

By Staff | May 25, 2015

Jefferson County’s 2014 Comprehensive Plan, “Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan” was adopted on Jan. 14, 2015. The two-year process, initiated in the fall of 2012, was spear headed by a County Commission appointed, 15-member Steering Committee who oversaw the finalization of data collection and mapping; public input into the issues analysis and visioning phase; the development of the Goals and Objectives; as well as the Plan Recommendations and Implementation Strategies. On June 10, 2014 the Steering Committee transmitted their recommended version of the draft Plan to the Planning Commission who then held a public hearing and a series of work sessions. At their October 14, 2014 meeting, the Planning Commission recommended their red-lined version of the draft Plan to the County Commission for consideration. A Public Hearing was held by the County Commission on November 6, 2014 and a series of work sessions and meetings were held between November and January during which the County Commission made their recommended edits. On Jan. 14, the County Commission approved the Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Guide.

The Public may view the approved Plan in the office of the Departments of Planning and Zoning, located on the second floor of the Mason Building at 116 East Washington Street in Charles Town, or at one of the County’s four libraries: Old Charles Town Library, South Jefferson Public Library, Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library, or Shepherdstown Public Library; or online at:


A Comprehensive Plan allows communities to assess existing conditions and establish goals and objectives related to the direction toward which the community wishes to strive in the coming years. Over the last two years, the Steering Committee worked closely with County Staff in the creation of the Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan. There was an extensive public outreach process, consisting of three rounds of public workshops and two rounds of open houses held throughout the County. In addition, the public was invited to provide their input related to potential goals, objectives, and plan recommendations via two online surveys and through a survey distributed to county residents attending the 2013 Jefferson County Fair.

Based on this input and working closely with staff, the Steering Committee, through a consensus process that took into account a multitude of viewpoints, created a series of goals, objectives and recommendations that would help guide planning and development decisions in Jefferson County over the next 20 years. In addition, the Envision Jefferson 2035 planning process resulted in the County’s first Future Land Use Guide that depicts areas where future development should be focused over the next two decades. More specifically, the Envision Jefferson 2035 Comprehensive Plan calls for focusing development and community investment within the existing municipalities, villages and Urban Growth Boundaries, as well as within several identified Preferred Growth Areas. The Plan also identifies a variety of recommendations to improve the County’s rural economy, the overall economic development of the County, transportation network, and parks and recreational facilities.

For more information about Envision Jefferson 2035, please go to the project’s website (www.envisionjefferson2035.com) or feel free to contact the project staff either by e-mail at planningdepartment@jeffersoncountywv.org or by calling the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Department office at 304-728-3228.