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Police chief steps down

By Staff | May 25, 2015

It was with extreme regret that Major Jim Auxer announced this week that Police Chief David Ransom tendered his resignation from the force, effective Wednesday, May 20.

Auxer praised Ransom for his dedicated service to the town of Shepherdstown.

“His dedication and willingness to help this community has improved our police department’s interaction with the citizens of the town and brought order and a positive light the the department,” Auxer said.

“We hope to have him return to the department soon,” Auxer continued.

Ransom, who has been with the department for nine years, explained that his resignation comes not because of any difficulty or dislike with the job; but rather, he must take some necessary time to deal with personal issues.

“I have tried to do my best to protect the citizens of this town and bring professionalism and positive interaction between the residents and the department,” Ransom said Wednesday.

“I hope to return to the department in the near future,” he shared; however a time frame is not definable at this point.

Ransom said that he realizes that when he comes back to the police department, he will need to work his way back through the ranks. His goal of service to the town will be reached in any position he may take upon his return.

Auxer indicated that there are not plans to replace the Chief at this point.

“The council and I will determine the best course of action and move ahead after we determine that course,” Auxer said.

In the meantime, he assured that the police department will continue to maintain service to the town in an efficient and professional manner.

Sgt. Mike King will serve as supervisor of the three patrolmen and two part time officers currently on staff.

“Sgt. King will be responsible for day-to-day activities,” Auxer said.

While Ransom could not specifically say how long he may be away from the department, he indicated that the only fair thing for him to do was to tender his resignation while he deals with issues unrelated to the job. Auxer agreed that while he did not wish to accept the resignation, he respected Ransom’s decision and supported him in that decision.