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Local Business Communicator Shares Writing Secrets

By Staff | Jun 15, 2015

Shepherdstown management consultant and author Bob Gardner writes from a wealth of real world experience. Hes spent the better part of his successful career in corporate America paying close attention to what works (and what doesn’t) when people write on the job.

Gardner’s latest business book, “Full Contact Writing: How to Win with Fearless Communication in a ‘Show No Mercy’ Workplace” delivers many of these lessons learned, in a tight, easy-to-read, 117-page paperback.

The premise of Full Contact Writing is clear and on-point: Want to be more respected, more influential? Be a better writer. Gardner’s book offers powerful, cut-to-the-chase writing strategies for people who want to connect with a demanding audience in today’s “What’s in it for me?” world of work.

Gardner is quick to point out that Full Contact Writing isn’t just another dry textbook on the rules for writing.

“You can find hundreds of how-tos out there on the basics of writing,” he says.

“Many of them come from authors who’ve never been in the trenches, who’ve never had to deal with the daily pressures of moving an agenda forward based solely on the strength of their written words. Full Contact Writing is for the “send, wait, and hope” crowd, the ones who just need to be energized. It’s for people who want to be excited about what their writing can be, instead of defensive about what it isn’t.”

In coming up with this book, Gardner draws heavily from his advisory staff and management positions as a communications strategist with such world-leading technology giants as RCA, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Computer Sciences Corporation. His background features extensive formal education in linguistics, rhetoric, and the language arts–coupled with a strong track record of professional experience in technical writing, marketing communications, and proposal development.

“Full Contact Writing” is available in paperback through Amazon and other online content retailers.

Bob Gardner can be found on Twitter at @rg’gardner, where he talks about communicating to succeed in the world of work–and beyond.