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Town and county committed to 911 address compliance

By Staff | Jul 17, 2015

Shepherdstown council members heard from Jefferson County GIS Director Todd Fagan at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday evening regarding compliance with the 911 Addressing program.

Fagan explained that in 2007, Shepherdstown had adopted a resolution with the Corporation of Shepherdstown to coordinate assignment of addresses in accordance with the county’s E911 addressing ordinance.

At that time, Fagan continued, all property owners were notified of their correct address and unit numbers which were then to be clearly displayed on the property to assist emergency personnel in properly locating any given structure.

Since that time, Fagan told the council that staffers in his office have worked toward complete address compliance They have worked in all of the county’s unincorporated areas as well as in the municipality of Bolivar. Now they are moving into Shepherdstown, he said.

“Folks tend to appreciate what we’re doing in relation to 911,” Fagan said. “We don’t anticipate many problems in Shepherdstown. Most of the properties are already complaint.”

Mayor Jim Auxer stressed that the town wants to get this process completed. A unanimous vote from the council cemented the cooperation between town employees and Fagan’s office.

In the process, county field inspectors will inspect address numbers at driveway entrances and on structures to determine property compliance. These surveys, Fagan said, also provide an opportunity to collect missing addresses, especially those on apartments or suites.

“These suites and apartments are currently our biggest challenge,” Fagan said.

Work will begin between the GIS office and town staff. Letters to be issued to property owners will be co-signed by both offices and the town will support all efforts to have residents come into compliance with the addressing system.

“We want to make sure we let them [emergency personnel] know where to go in an emergency,” Auxer stressed.

The process should take approximately four months, Fagan concluded.