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Empowerment conference will provide solutions

By Staff | Dec 4, 2015

The Walk Into Your Season Empowerment Conference planned for this Saturday at the Comfort Inn Suites in Martinsburg, promises to me motivating and potentially, life changing. Sponsored by Valley College and The Bounce Back DNA Movement, the conference will offer several speakers who will share their stories about turning their lives around.

Carriss Labelle, campus director at Valley College in Martinsburg, said of the event, “It’s about helping one person who’s trying to make their life better.”

Labelle will serve as one of the motivational speakers Saturday, sharing her story of overcoming odds and statistics that could have left her in a very low spot. Instead, she was motivated to overcome negativity that was thrown her way and become a success.

“It’s about finding your passion and wanting to make the difference,” Labelle said.

Hosting along with Labelle is Teresa Holmes, director of The Bounce Back DNA Movement. Holmes will speak as well on the docket that also includes Andrea Creamer, Angela Clack, Kim Neman and William Hollis.

“Through our own stories we want to break the cycles,” Holmes said. “These are cycles that must be broken,” she said, referring, especially to women and teens who lack self-esteem or motivation to be successful.

“While we usually focus mostly on women and teens, men are definitely not excluded,” Holmes said.

The purpose of the empowerment event is to help any attendee go from “stuck to start.” Whether it be in career or personal situations, for those who don’t know the next step to take, this conference and these speakers may provide an answer.

“It’s about pioneering through to the best version of yourself,” Labelle said. “We want to share that if an individual wants to, they can do it…whatever “it” might be.”

Labelle went on to say that there is no better time than this end of year to focus on setting goals and reevaluating.

“Our area is thirsty for hope,” Labelle said.

Holmes shared that the biggest struggle will be to get people to attend.

“We need to break through the small-town mentality,” Holmes said, referencing a conference she recently did in Atlanta where there was huge attendance.

This conference will help build a foundation for others to come, she said.

“We are here to help anyone trying to make their life better,” Labelle added.

The conference, with an entry fee of $10, will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Comfort Inn Suties, 1872 Edwin Miller Blvd., Martinsburg. Valley College students are granted free admission with their student identification cards. Pre-register online at www.eventbrite.com/e/walk-into-your-season-empowerment-conference-tickets-19132635227.