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Avoid telephone scams

By Staff | Dec 28, 2015

Please be vigilant. There are a lot of scams going around right now. Some of the ones we are hearing about are:

– Potomac Edison calling to say your bill is delinquent and demanding you pay immediately or your power will be cut off (obviously, if you haven’t been paying your bill this is a possibility, but they will NOT disconnect your power for only missing one payment)

– US Department of Grants calling to state that you are being awarded a “Loyal Citizens Grant” because you have maintained a clear criminal record for the past year and taxes were paid on time. They give you a number to call, then ask you to pay money that will be reimbursed to you when you get the grant money.

– The IRS calling to say there is a warrant for your arrest for failure to pay taxes and agents will be coming to get you if you do not make a payment immediately.

– Failure to appear for jury duty, warrant for your arrest has been issued and you will be arrested unless you pay a fine.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When in doubt, call the number listed in the phone book for the entity being identified as the caller, NOT the number provided by the caller, to verify the details.