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Hurley honored by town

By Staff | Dec 28, 2015

The Corporation of Shepherdstown approved a resolution in December recognizing the service of Jay Hurley. Below is the complete text of the resolution that was voted upon and signed by Mayor Jim Auxwer.

WHEREAS, Jay Hurley is a native and longtime storeowner in Shepherdstown,

WHEREAS, Mr. Hurley has, like many proprietors in Shepherdstown, has given much free time and effort and ideas for the betterment of the town;

WHEREAS, Mr. Hurley has also done an exceptional additional number and volume of projects for the benefit of the town with no significant personal monetary gain since the mid 1970s, when his store began,

Examples of these projects being:

1. Organizing a group of men to work with him for two years to create within his workshop a half-scale replica of James Rumsey’s steamboat;

2. With his comrades, also oversaw and built the beautiful and popular boathouse that currently houses the Rumsey boat replica;

3. With another person, backed at substantial unrecovered expense the production of a 250th anniversary video for Shepherdstown;

4. With Genevieve O’loughlin and many others began having free musical events every Thursday night at his store beginning in 1979 that have continued, without pause ever since becoming a hallmark attraction in the Town for visitors.

Lastly that Mr. Hurley and his friends and associates have been a model of community spirit of generosity throughout these efforts;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Shepherdstown offers Mr. Hurley and his associates the warmest thanks and appreciation for these contributions and the best of health through the holiday period and well beyond.