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Quotes from Shepherdstown Fans:

By Staff | Dec 28, 2015

“The trip to Kansas City was well worth it, and despite the loss, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m looking forward to the return trip next year, already! The NCAA did a tremendous job in putting together an exciting and energetic atmosphere that was only made better by the energetic and passionate fans of both Shepherd and North West. The North West fans were hospitable (it was a home game for them practically), and polite. They welcomed us to their state, and were even cordial in their victory. Obviously, the game didn’t go as planned, and that certainly leaves some questions surrounding some play calling and personnel decisions by the coaching staff, but I could not be more proud of the Rams football team, cheerleaders, band, and fans that truly represented Shepherdstown and the surrounding areas with class and sportsmanship. It was a tremendous achievement for Shepherd University, and WHEN we make it back, I encourage anyone and everyone to make the trip – you won’t regret it!”

Marshall DeMeritt

Although my family and friends weren’t able to travel with me, I was thrilled I make the long trip on the fan bus as it was an honor to stand & cheer for my university as we made history and became NCAA Division II Football National Championship 2015 runners-up.

Paige Palmer:

“To Shepherd University from a Bearcat fan:

Congrats on making it to the D2 football final. I met several of your fans before and during the game. Great fans. Great team. I was very impressed with several of your players and I would love to see the SU Rams back in KC next year. Don’t give up. Our Bearcats lost 4 yrs in a row and we kept it coming. Your team is good, be proud, keep coming back to KC.”

Dan LaDue

“Shepherd fans were outnumbered, but we were loud and enthusiastic.”

Anthony Stoika

It was an honor to cheer for the Shepherd Rams in Kansas City! Never has there been a more deserving program than this one! I came home with no voice from chanting my support, but my whistle still works. I loved every moment of the trip, had lots of fun and made great memories. Its great to be a Shepherd Ram!

Jenny Regalia

I very much enjoyed the experience with my sons and the Shepherd gathering before the game. Our guys had a great year and playing that game in front of that crowd will be a major plus when we get back to KC. NW Missouri State fans are second only to Shepherd’s, class acts and very friendly. Would have loved to have played that game at Ram Stadium.

Rick LaFollette

So proud of all the Rams Players, Coach Cater, and Staff for doing the right things for a long time getting us to this point. It was a great 2015 ride and a fun time as we entered the national stage with the current D2 elite. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience! NW Missouri State is a good team, a class act and their fans were great/fun to be with. It was a privilege to attend and look forward to my next trip to KC. It’s our time (hopefully the team’s mantra in 2016). Go Rams!

Drew Robertson