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Sustainable Shepherdstown is now Sustainable Jefferson County

By Staff | Jan 22, 2016

As of Feb. 1, Sustainable Shepherdstown will become a countywide organization called Sustainable Jefferson County.

Sustainable Jefferson County’s mission is to foster a vibrant local economy, promote environmental awareness, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and serve as a model of positive community growth by starting and nurturing new local community enterprises, by connecting people in the community with the many great ideas that are already in circulation, by leading efforts to change behavior in local institutions and by serving as a living example of sustainable living to inspire neighbors to make themselves and their communities more sustainable.

To accomplish these goals, Sustainable Jefferson County will continue to host monthly Green Networking events at various locations around Jefferson County.

Additionally, monthly steering committee meetings will be held one hour prior to Green Networking events. The purpose of the steering committee meetings is to help support, plan and promote the efforts of Sustainable Jefferson County. New steering committee members are always welcome.

More information can be obtained via www.sustainablejeffersoncounty.org/ and Facebook: www.facebook.com/sustainablejeffersoncounty.