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Cafe Society reschedules Bernie Sanders discussion

By Staff | Feb 19, 2016

Due to weather and road conditions last Tuesday’s discussion of the potential impact if Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist were to become President was canceled. The group will hold that discussion with the addition of further insight from the media next Tuesday, Feb. 23. The Cafe Society is a part of Shepherd University’s Life Long Learning Program. These informal weekly discussions are held from 8:30 to 10 a.m. in the Rumsey Room of the Shepherd University Student Center each Tuesday morning. Pre-registration is not required and there are no fees or charges.

Cafe facilitator Mike Austin commented, “There continues to be a large amount of knee-jerk discussion about the perils of “socialism” in contrast to the sacrosanct free market, purist capitalistic system we now theoretically enjoy. None of these labels come close to describing how our socio-economic systems function. We continue to have a growing number of American citizens who don’t have the means to actively and effectively compete in the globalized economy that we now find ourselves in. Many of our most ardent conservatives, who loudly complain about people getting a “free ride” from the government programs, are themselves dependent on tax loop holes, farm subsidies, grants, and other forms of largesse from the state and federal governments. The fact that Sanders garnered the attention of so many young voters who are struggling to earn a living and enjoy the rewarding life-style of their parents isn’t surprising. Some of Sanders’ ideas may survive and significantly impact the next administration, regardless of which political party prevails. We should have a good discussion.”

Those who have suggestions for future Cafe Society topics or want more information should contact Austin at 304-876-0598 or michael.austin@frontiernet.net.