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Jefferson Security Bank welcomes Kitner in new role

By Staff | Apr 22, 2016

Cindy Kitner is no stranger to Jefferson Security Bank. She has been serving customers as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)?for 10 years. But recently Kitner moved into a new office and a new role, as the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Receiving tremendous support from bank employees, customers and affiliates, Kitner said she has a strong desire to continue providing service as a community bank.

Kitner was born and raised in Berkeley County and graduated from Shepherd University.

With a background in public accounting, Kitner said she is very detail-oriented. A mother of two, she laughed as she said she gets excited for math homework.

Her public accounting career led her to banking as she completed many audits of banks, including JSB.

After joining the staff in Shepherdstown as CFO, she said she functioned in many capacities and worked with many departments.

“Finance overlaps with all departments,” Kitner explained.

As President and CEO, her roles will expand as the work will be a higher level.

“I want to grow strong managers to work with and for me as we move forward,”Kitner said.

While she is still developing goals, Kitner said that providing the services that customers need and want will continue to be paramount at the bank.

“We want to provide these services to customers in a very safe manner” she stressed.

She explained that technology plays a large part in today’s banking, but stressed that security needs to be at the forefront.

Keeping JSB a community bank is also key.

“The value of a community bank is that we’re local and we care,” Kitner said. “We want to build relationships and servew our customers.”

She likened the community bank to a “Mom and Pop” shop versus a large chain store.

“Building relationships is important.”

She has built many as CFO of the bank and will develop even more in her new role. She indicated that community partnerships are essential and explained that the bank has a great relationship with Shepherd University.

“Many students serve as tellers for our bank,”?she said. In addition, the bank supports the University in many ways including through monetary donations.

Jefferson Security is also a business partner with Jefferson County Schools and specifically works a great deal with Shepherdstown Elementary School.

Long-time bank vice president Dennis Barron expressed, “It’s a token to community service to have an executive officer so committed to the community. She is a great example to all of our staff.”

Barron, who has worked at the bank for 42 years, said that Kitner is the fifth president under which he has served.

Looking ahead, Kitner said she hopes to increase the bank’s loan presence int he market.

“I want to stay true to banking and be able to explain things basically to our customers,” Kitner said.

“This is who we are and what we do; it’s transparent and uncomplicated.”