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Restoration efforts at Shepherdstown Battlefield: House demolition next step

By Staff | Apr 22, 2016

The Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission (JCHLC), in a partnership with the Civil War Trust, has acquired two additional properties totaling 2.6 acres on the Shepherdstown Battlefield. The two contiguous lots add to the previously preserved 22 acres already owned by JCHLC.

Each property contains one unoccupied dwelling, neither of which was present at the time of the Sept. 19-20, 1862 battle. One of those homes will be demolished in the continuing effort to restore the battlefield landscape.

The house is located near the intersection of River and Trough roads in Shepherdstown and demolition is scheduled to take place in late May or early June.

The land where the modern structure rests is where Federal regiments emerged from the Potomac River’s Pack Horse Ford in pursuit of Robert E. Lee’s retreating Army following the Battle of Antietam. In the final stages of the fighting on Sept. 20 several Union regiments retreated back through the river under heavy fire.

Funding for the project has been secured through the generosity of the Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association and Save Historic Antietam Foundation.

Any persons who would like more information about this project, please email JCHLC at HLCinfo@jeffersoncounty