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Taking better care of ourselves, our homes, our planet

By Staff | Apr 29, 2016

The train station in Shepherdstown was host to several businesses that had an Earth Day event Saturday to promote alternative energy and chemical reduction in homes and personal care.

Shepherdstown resident, Tony Russo spoke about his travels to Flint, Michigan to provide aid to citizens affected by the water crisis.

Russo said he was shocked to see that the main effort was handing out cases of water 21 months after the lead water crisis began. He did not see any local, state or federal representatives during his week in Flint and decided that more should be done.

Russo started a non-profit group called One Love Fund to help supply the people of Flint with needed assistance. Russo said the things the residents need most are water-not just bottled water to drink, but clean water delivery systems to their homes, health care due to water-related illnesses, trauma counseling and justice. For more information, contact Russo at trussowv@gmail.com or visit onelovefund.net.

Butch Deal from a Martinsburg company, Geostellar was on hand to talk about alternative energy sources, particularly solar.

Geostellar was founded six years ago by Deal and Shepherdstown resident, David Levine and has been recognized in magazines nationwide for its solar panels, custom tailored to suit individual needs.

Deal said “We design what’s best for the home and work with the homeowners to meet their specific needs with the most reasonable prices. There’s also an employee purchase program that has been set up by the World Wildlife Fund that includes Intuit, Cisco and other big companies. They give a discount to their employees who want to have solar panels installed.”

Solar panels are increasing in popularity and with 30 percent federal tax credits, more people are investing in this source of alternative energy.

Deal says there are some misconceptions about solar. Many people think you have to have batteries, but in reality, 95 percent of solar panel users don’t have batteries. Battery systems are more helpful in rural areas where power outages are more common, according to Deal. He said his system on his home has a battery system for his well, refrigerator, freezer and internet.

Visit geostellar.com for information.

The other vendors in attendance were Norwex, Lemongrass Spa and Juice Plus, all companies dedicated to clean, healthy living.

Norwex promotes improving quality of life by removing chemicals from homes with its patented microfiber system that cleans with just water, leaving no chemical residue behind. Many of the other products offered, such as laundry detergent, descaler and bathroom cleaners are all Earth friendly, bio-degradable and leave no chemical fumes.

Lemongrass Spa offers beauty and skin care products that are all natural, safe and made in the United States.

The skin is the largest organ on the body, and company representatives say products put on the skin are absorbed into the blood stream in 26 seconds, therefore it is prudent to use products as natural as possible.

Juice Plus is a company that uses whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from fruits, vegetables and grains.

According to nutrition experts, many Americans don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients in their daily diet. Many of the lacking nutrients are ones that can help lower four major health problems: cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.