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Dance company to present Cinderella at Covenant Church

By Staff | May 13, 2016

One of childrens’ most beloved fairy tales about a kind hearted servant girl is coming to life on Thursday, May 19 at 6:30 p.m. and Friday, May 20 at 7 p.m. at Covenant Church in Shepherdstown.

Fragrant Offering Dance Company will present a ballet performance of Cinderella, created by director, Christina Franz.

A perennial favorite, Cinderella’s admirable themes of kindness in the face of unwarranted cruelty, and reward for longsuffering have delighted audiences for centuries. This will be the first time FODC has performed this ballet.

“I like to do a new ballet each year for our Spring performance,” said Franz. “In the Winter, we’ll usually do the Nutcracker, so it’s nice to change things up and have something fresh and new.”

“It will be like the traditional telling of the Cinderella ballet,” Franz continued. “Cinderella has a fairy godmother, but in the ballet, there are also season fairies who bring her gifts. The spring fairy will bring her the slippers; the summer fairy brings the crown.

The fall fairy will bring her the pumpkin that is transformed into the carriage. The winter fairy brings her gloves to wear. We’re also not using a lot of the traditional music from the ballet though. Our music will be mostly from the Disney version plus the new Cinderella movie with some classical variation music mixed in.”

Kayley Powers, who will be playing the part of Cinderella in Thursday’s performance has been dancing with Fragrant Offering for the past six years and has been in a dozen performances.

“I love dancing here,” said Powers. “It was exciting to be chosen to be Cinderella.” Powers continued, “I like dancing because I love being active. I also play softball and hope to have a career doing something like physical therapy.”

Another long-time student of FODC, Anna Anderson, is dancing as Cinderella in Friday’s performance. Anderson has performed in approximately 16 productions over the last eight years, and danced as Clara in FODC’s very first production of the Nutcracker Ballet.

“I think this ballet is my personal favorite so far,” said Anderson. As far as the future goes regarding a continued dance career, Anderson stated, “There are some dreams I have about dancing, but I’m just happy where I am right now. I’m going to wait and see how everything works out and where the Lord leads me.”

Tickets for the ballet are available at Covenant Church. The price is $10. Children 5 and under will be admitted for $1. Call 304-876-2212.