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Local authors travel for book signing/empowerment event

By Staff | May 23, 2016

Two local authors from Shepherdstown, Teresa L. Holmes and Karey Warriner, traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 7 to speak at a book signing and empowerment event at Sophisticated Hair Design by Nikki, owned by Nicole Turner-Thomas, a former resident of Charles Town.

Holmes, founder of the Bounce Back DNA Movement and executive director of Full ‘Steem Ahead Life & Career Coaching, shared her book Wounds Healed, Scars Revealed Anthology, with those in attendance. Her second book, 20 + 1 Scenarios for Life, Business and Leadership will be launched on May 19.

Warriner, a teacher in the Jefferson County school system, titled her newly released book, Single Plus Two. She is the mother of a teenager and a toddler and her book gives life examples and tips about the challenges and pleasure of motherhood.

Warriner and Holmes often travel together to share their personal struggles and how they bounced back to become entrepreneurs and motivational speakers.

“There is nothing like hearing the story of how someone else has overcome to get you motivated and on the path to your own destiny,” said Holmes. “I enjoy hearing other’s comeback stories just as much as I do telling my own.”

Holmes and Warriner have several local events planned throughout the summer; however, other speaking and book signing destinations include various locations in Florida, Jackson State University, Houston, Anchorage Alaska and London.

For additional information on the Bounce Back DNA Movement and Full ‘Steem Ahead, please visit Holmes’ website at www.bouncebackdnamovement.com or www.thewomensesteemologist.com. Warriner’s website is www.singleplustwo.com.