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Schools to implement four-day summer workweek

By Staff | May 23, 2016

Jefferson County Schools (JCS) officials announced that the school district will implement a four-day workweek over the summer for staff members in the maintenance, custodial, mechanics and building administration departments as well as in the central office.

The JCS offices will be closed every Friday from June 17 through Aug. 5.

Switching to a four-day workweek will save the school district $33,280 in energy costs over the summer, according to an analysis by Core Energy, an independent energy company.

The change is part of broader efforts by the school district to reduce costs and offset the effects of significant budget cuts from the state, according to Bondy Shay Gibson, superintendent of JCS.

“We’re expecting a total reduction of at least $692,031 in state funding, possibly more, from last year’s budget,” she said.

“We are determined to stay focused on maintaining a strong instructional program by being as efficient as possible with our resources.”

“An extended day during the summer means longer customer service hours for parents and community members, allowing them to register new students and conduct other business without disrupting their normal work schedule,” said Beth Marrone, treasurer and chief business official for JCS.

The intent with this condensed schedule is to address budget concerns while maintaining a desirable work-life balance for JCS employees and meeting the needs of the Jefferson community.