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Prepare ye the way of the Lord…. ‘Godspell’ offered by St. Agnes

By Staff | May 27, 2016

St. Agnes Catholic Church recently presented ‘Godspell’ at Reynold’s Hall at Shepherd University. Directed by Joe Yates, the show highlighted John-Michael Tebelak’s production of the Gospel according to Matthew in musical form. Music and lyrics were by Stephen Schwartz.

Yates served in the leading role, as Jesus, during the production. Also in the cast were Tracie Sedlock, Angela Sedlock, Anna Sedlock, Caleb McBee-MacDonald, Richard Yates, Bruce Schmidt, Amanda Biebel, Cathy Bowden, Jaime Bowden, Eileen Elliott, Ally Rosle, Colleen Wermers, Jenna Wermers, Mary Wermers and Melody Massimino who starred as John/Judas.

Orchestra accompaniment was provided by conductor Matt Lind, Rico Massimino, Dakota Slay-Vincent, Matthew Bertone, Will Lopez, Paulo Vallecillo and Alex Yates.

Shown is Yates as Jesus, teaching through parable.