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Director of Children’s Ministry takes job in stride

By Staff | Jun 3, 2016

Tim LeMaster has moved into his role as Director of Children’s Ministry at Fellowship Bible Church in Shenandoah Junction with eager footsteps.

An attendee at the church for approximately 10 years, LeMaster recently left his position teaching in the public school system to fill a need and move back to the area in which he received his training.

A graduate of Appalachian Bible College, LeMaster has a degree in Bible with a minor in Elementary Education.

LeMaster and his wife, Kristen, are the parents of two daughters and a son. He enjoys farming, hunting and doing things with his family, LeMaster said.

Fellowship Pastor Van Marsceau said, “Tim has sort of gone full circle to get into full-time kid’s ministry. He graduated from Appalachian Bible College with a degree in Bible and Elementary Education over ten years ago. He then taught sixth grade for four years here in Berkeley County, but for a number of years has been working as a heavy equipment operator, a farmer and outdoor specialist.”

LeMaster concurred and said that this career move brings him back into ministry and allows him to “use what I’ve been trained for.”

In his role, LeMaster will oversee all Children’s ministries from birth to sixthgrade. He will oversee nurseries, junior church, Sunday School, the Wednesday night Olympian groups, summer camps and even special events.

“My vision,” LeMaster said, “is to equip children with a solid biblical background built on the cornerstone of Christ.”

Tools available to reach that goal include a new children’s wing at the Shenandoah Junction church, aptly named ‘The Kid Zone.’

Using portable classrooms no longer needed by the Jefferson County Board of Education, the church moved and reset them to house an ever-growing children’s ministry.

“The numbers have increased,” LeMaster said. “There are appoximately 200 children in this age group,” he shared.

“These kids soak up knowledge,” he continued.

Marsceau said of LeMaster, “I can see his excitement and enthusiasm at being back working with kids. He fits really well with our team here as well, because we’ve known him nearly all his life. I was his youth pastor back in the 80s and early 90s in Martinsburg, at Independent Bible Church.”

Marsceau called LeMaster a “natural leader” with a work ethic that is “off the charts!”

When selected a director, Marsceau said he felt it was important for children now days to have positive role models, and Tim is an outstanding role model.”

Marsceau sees LeMaster as a doer but also as an example for the children of the church and of the community.

“We live in a society where the breakdown of the family is becoming an ever increasing problem, and so often the children are the ones who suffer for it, so I am so please to have a strong, positive, encouraging, godly male role model for our young boys and girls, as well as a young man who loves Jesus Christ with such a joy. Kids need to recognize that following Jesus Christ is not something to be embarrassed about!”

LeMaster heads into the summer as leader of the church’s camp ministries. The property owned by Fellowship lends itself to camps and the church staff and volunteers have provided an increasing number of camps to boys and girls thorughout the summer, children from both inside the church and in the community.

For information on the camps and the church, visit www.fellowshipwv.org or call the office at 304-728-3700.