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‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown’ coming to TV

By Staff | Jun 3, 2016

The much-anticipated six-part Destination America documentary series entitled, Ghosts of Shepherdstown, will air on Sunday, June 12, at 10 p.m.

The show promotes Shepherdstown as the most haunted town in America.

Three experts in the field of paranormal research and study came to Shepherdstown at the behest of police chief King who said there had been an influx of 911 calls that were unexplainable during a time leading up to the filming in Shepherdstown.

“We get a lot of calls for an incident occurring that can’t be explained,” said King. “Someone thinks there’s someone in their house-they hear something, maybe footsteps-we get there to investigate and we don’t find anything. There’s no sign of damage, no forced entry, nothing missing, no other person in the house. It happens often enough that it bears looking into.”

A representative from Destination America said that they made follow up calls to the police department to ensure the accuracy of the information so that they could correctly reflect that most 911 calls here were treated as paranormal, as was stated in the show’s documentation.

The three stars of the show are Nick Groff, who is billed as America’s leading paranormal investigator, Elizabeth Saint, who has demonstrated a sensitivity to the paranormal and Bill Hartley, the paranormal tech “guru” who operates the instruments for detecting paranormal activity.

In the premier episode, the investigators provide an introduction to Shepherdstown’s paranormal world by visiting The Sweet Shop, where the night baker recalls strange incidents and ghost sightings. Subsequent episodes investigate happenings at Shepherd University, the houses on Stone Row and other reported incidents in town, as well as the investigation of a sighting of a headless corpse floating in the Potomac River. The team also uncovers evidence that indicated witchcraft and satanic activity being practiced in Shepherdstown.

While there is much buzz and excitement about Shepherdstown’s rise to the national media outlets, and the anticipated tourism it will bring, not all of the locals are on board with the hype.

“There’s definitely a lot of things (paranormal) that go on in this town,” said resident Dave Achee. “But the over-sensationalism of what the show is trying to do here is a misrepresentation of Shepherdstown. Don’t believe everything you see on t.v. I would tell people that if they’re interested in what is going here, come visit for themselves. Sit and talk with locals. Get real information.”

Cody Crawford, another resident said, “Locals think this whole thing is a bit of a joke-the way Shepherdstown is portrayed.”

Another local resident said he felt “protective of his town (Shepherdstown) and didn’t want it to be a laughing stock.”

The show will air on the Destination America channel for six consecutive Sundays. Check your local listings for channel information.