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Mike Austin to hold Retrospective Art Show

By Staff | Jun 3, 2016

On Sunday June 5, from 12-2 p.m. Shepherdstown artist Mike Austin will hold the opening reception at the Blanche Ames Gallery for his retrospective art exhibit.

This one-man show will highlight some of the work he has done, mostly in pen and ink drawings over the past 40 years. Much of it draws upon his Navy experience and also years spent in Brussels working with NATO.

The Blanche Ames Gallery is operated by the Unitarian Universal Congregation of Frederick (UUCF) which is located at 4880 Elmer Derr Road in Frederick, Maryland. The show will run from June 5 through June 26.

Austin is a long time member of Shepherdstown’s Friday Painters who are hosted by the Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church.

He shared, “Although I have experimented with almost every media, I am most comfortable working with pen and ink and block prints. Thanks to the Navy, I was well trained in politico-military affairs including the cultures of South and Southeast Asia and then followed with a career doing FEMA’s international work in Brussels.

“When the Cold War ended I was given free rein to work with the nations of Eastern Europe and Central Asia so had the opportunity to see the efforts and technique of many artists.

“Poor as many of them were, they were very resourceful and did the best they could with the materials they had to work with. Many achieved marvelous results.

“The combination of being a farm boy and an artist gave me many opportunities to gain access and earn their confidence. That was particularly helpful during my tours of duty in Vietnam and working with our allies in Asia. Art is an integral and important part of their lives.”