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Nothing but Head Games at 7th annual Identity Crisis

By Staff | Jun 10, 2016

Mark calendars for Saturday, Aug. 13, 6 p.m. to midnight and buy tickets todayfor the 7th annual Identity Crisis fundraiser.

Excellent food, entertainment, outstanding people watching and good times will be had throughout the town.

So, wig out, throw on a fedora, don a horse head; be outrageous or simple…just come out, have fun and show support for Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley.

Head gear has long held a place in history, distinguishing eras, echelon, rank and culture. Whether utilitarian in nature, for fun, sport, fashion, protection or adornment, humans have traditionally been compelled to dress up their heads.

Masks and even war paint have been used to disguise, for entertainment purposes, job needs and as a means of self-expression.

With a long history of creative costuming, year seven of Identity Crisis celebrates the power of head decor with this year’s theme, “Head Games: 7th Annual Identity Crisis Fundraiser.”

The event will take place in historic downtown Shepherdstown and includes VIP pre-party, red carpet arrival with motorcade, discounts at participating businesses, photo booth fun, dance party and many more activities.

The Identity Crisis fundraiser shines the spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness – Cumberland Valley and helps to raise funds for the organization so that they can continue to offer free services to those in need.

Breast Cancer Awareness – Cumberland Valley is an important and vital resource, offering much needed support and services such as wigs, hats and turbans, prostheses, house cleaning, meal assistance and so much more.

For more information, visit the event website IdentityCrisisWV.com.