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JCS cooperating with investigation

By Staff | Jun 20, 2016

Jefferson County Schools is saddened to announce that while working in cooperation with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and the West Virginia State Police, following the recent death of a beloved Jefferson High School teacher, the investigation has led to the determine that a current Jefferson County Schools staff member allegedly engaged in behaviors that are unacceptable and incompatible with JCS core values.

A criminal investigation is being conducted by the West Virginia State Police, and JCS has lent its full and unequivocal support to its partners in law enforcement in addressing this matter.

“Our first priority now and always is the safety and security of the student population and we will continue to pursue any means necessary to achieve this. The social, emotional and physical safety of children will always take precedence above all else,” the release states.

The press release went on to say, “While we understand the interest this announcement generates, we are confident the community will understand our need to balance protecting the safety and privacy of our students and the needs of law enforcement in completing a thorough investigation to deliver the most accurate information to our community. Therefore, we cannot provide further comment on this criminal investigation at this time, but will update community members as additional information is available.”