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New Voice Play Festival returns for 16th year

By Staff | Jun 20, 2016

Each year the Old Opera House Theatre Company asks playwrights from across the country to submit their new one-act plays to a panel of judges. These plays are read and discussed, and the top four of the season are presented on the Old Opera House stage each year in late June. The plays range from 10 to 40 minutes in length and all four are assembled into an exciting evening of entertainment. The Old Opera House then asks our audience to serve a theatre critic and select their favorites of this year’s festival. This is a unique opportunity to see some of the American Theatre’s newest offerings.

This year’s New Voice Play Festival will be held June 25-26. The featured plays are as follows:

“Bad Move” by Vicki Koestler of Alexandria, Virginia. Directed by Liz Ricketts. Featuring Carl Dunn as Peter; Meaghan Barry as Beth; Melissa LeBlanc as Ariana; Zachery Miller as Jason. A young couple has just moved into an upper class neighborhood and worry that they will not be accepted. While Peter tries to convince his pregnant wife Beth that all is well, two teens from the local high school improvisation group arrive at the door and confusion abounds. Will the teen’s antics convince the couple that their move to Oakwood Lakes was a mistake?

“Fast Fall” by Carl Williams – Houston, Texas. Directed by Ed Conn. Featuring Lydia Daffer Dunn as Dorothy (Dottie) Montgomery Christine Brewer as Susan Wayfield; Jeff Hudkins as Gerald Grimes; Micheal George as Evan Sawyer. When Dottie Montgomery’s brother falls over the balcony and dies, theories as to how this tragic incident occurred begin to surface. Was it suicide? Murder? Join Dottie, her sister Susan, and newest beau Gerald, along with the police detective Evan in this film-noir-esque play that will leave you guessing whodunit?

“First Do No Harm” by Bara Swain – New York, New York. Directed by Tonja Hirst. Featuring Amy Hebb as Ethel; Steven Brewer as Mike. Ethel is a stressed out, single mother, in the middle of a mental breakdown. Just as she reaches her breaking point, she meets Dr. Michael Rabiner, a mild mannered general practitioner. Despite her attempts to make him the embodiment of all her fears and life challenges; he shows her what it means when a doctor not only takes “the oath,” but lives it.

“Grim Tidings” by Dennis Jones – Powhatan, Virginia. Directed by Rene Farabaugh. Featuring Lee Hebb as Edward Hastings; Kit McGinnis as Madam Zarkov; Charlie Perkins as Nigel; Bruce Olson as Portofoy; Kelly Pannill as Amanda Broom. It is Christmas Day, 1885, Edward Hastings is on a solitary walk when he happens upon the establishment of Madam Zarkov, Fortune Teller. Does Edward accept his fate or does he change his future with Madam Zarkov’s help?

Ticket prices are $15 for adults and $12 for students. Call the OOH Theatre Box-office at 304-725-4420 or purchase tickets on-line at www.oldoperahouse.org.