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Library offers exciting summer science lesson

By Staff | Jul 1, 2016

School may be out for summer, but kids don’t have to take a break from learning.

The Shepherdstown public library has a calendar packed with events for their summer reading program to engage and stimulate children to continue learning in a fun atmosphere.

One such event took place this week at the War Memorial Building as Jennie Payne and K.C. Chaney from the Maryland Science Center used exciting experiments to teach a group of over three dozen kids all about matter, energy, physical and chemical changes.

Using paper treated with invisible ink, the instructors wrote a special message to the kids to show how chemistry can be fun. They also had specially treated paper, that when ignited, burned quickly leaving no smoke or ash.

The children saw clouds made right before their eyes with liquid nitrogen and boiling water. There were oohs and ahs as chemicals were mixed to change colors, and as a styrofoam cup changed it’s state from drinking vessel to blob of goo.

The biggest applause was given to Chaney who explained that different chemicals make various colored flames when they burn. He went on to spray solutions that contained potassium, lithium and copper while igniting each solution so the kids could see the different colors.

The show’s finale discussed fireworks and how they work. Payne and Chaney had three balloons filled with hydrogen and some chemicals that made different effects when the balloons exploded. Children were instructed to cover their ears as each balloon made a loud boom when fire was applied to it.

For more information about the Shepherdstown Library and their children’s programs, visit “http://www.lib.shepherdstown.wv.us/”>www.lib.shepherdstown.wv.us/