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Large field of applicants for County Commission seat

By Staff | Jul 15, 2016

Eighteen Jefferson County residents have filed paperwork to fill a vacancy on the county commission.

The vacancy is for the Harpers Ferry District seat that was vacated by Commissioner Eric Bell.

Bell resigned after he was charged with several sex-related counts involving a 16-year-old boy, according to Jefferson County Magistrate Court records.

A notice posted by the Jefferson County Commission stated that those intersted in the position did not have to reside in the Harpers Ferry District, but that they only had to be from the Republican Party, the same as Bell.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey this week advised the Commission that anyone wishing to serve in the position may change party affiliation at any time. The state statute does not stipulate a timefram for such a change.

Those seeking the seat are:

John S. Bresland of 79 Tamarac Drive in Shepherdstown

Deirdre J. Catterton of 159 Eastland Drive in Charles Town

Gary W. Cogle, Jr. of 235 Darke Lane in Kearneysville

Gary L. Dungan of 228 Prospect Ave. in Harpers Ferry

Robert Edwards of 235 Elk Branch Drive in Shenandoah Junction

Jared Esselman of 121 Trotting Way in Charles Town

Richard L. Friends II of 182 Posting Way in Charles Town

Raymond Joseph Joe Funkhouser III of 1501 Earle Road in Charles Town

Thomas H. Hansen Jr. of 2584 South Childs Road in Kearneysville

Elliott Adam Kletter of 237 Equestrian Circle in Shenandoah Junction

Greg Lance of 90 Falcon Ridge Drive in Charles Town

Jay Longerbeam of 293 Brookline Drive in Charles Town

Peter Onoszko of 13 Aubrey Court in Charles Town

Gary Phalen of P.O. Box 862 in Shepherdstown

Ann Maddy Smith of 230 Chessie Lane in Harpers Ferry

Krista Steiding of 72 Serenade Lane in Harpers Ferry

David Tabb of 107 Tabb Lane in Harpers Ferry

Daniel J. Zappe of 1195 Chestnut Hill Drive in Harpers Ferry

All of the candidates are currently Republicans except Tabb, a Democrat, and Edwards, who is unaffiliated.

The candidate chosen for the seat will serve until the 2018 election.