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Members of Homemakers Club

By Staff | Jul 22, 2016

The following were members of the Young Homemakers Extension Club during the time period devoted to securing ambulance service in Shepherdstown. The roster is taken from information available at the Jefferson County Extension Office.

Mrs. George Ambrose

Mrs. Elbert Bates

Mrs. B. Brown

Mrs. Lyle Butts

Mrs. Raymond Byers

Mrs. Ernest Dern

Mrs. Erwin Fieger

Mrs. Harry Fletcher

Mrs. Gary James

Mrs. Albert Kave

Mrs. John Larue

Mrs. Francis Lynch

Mrs. John Maise

Mrs. George Mason

Mrs. Gary Moreland

Mrs. D. Lee Morgan

Mrs. John Corden

formerly Mrs. WIlliam


Mrs. Walter Neely

Mrs. Charles Osbourn

Mrs. Arthur Praither, III

Mrs. Donald Sager

Mrs. Donald Smith

Mrs. John Snyder

Mrs. Nevin Strider

Mrs. D. W. Tabler

Mrs. William Van Tol

Mrs. Gaither Waltz

Mrs. Herbert Wildeboar

Mrs. Clarence Wright

Mrs Donald Zeiger