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‘Head Games’

By Staff | Aug 19, 2016

Vanessa McGuigan

Chronicle Staff

Contrary to the usual negative connotation of the phrase, “head games,” when it comes the annual Identity Crisis fundraiser in Shepherdstown, the phrase became an exciting and creative way to spend an evening.

The festivities marked the 7th annual Identity Crisis event and fundraiser. The evening kicked off Saturday at The Cove retreat center located in Shepherdstown, where guest mingled with food and drinks, followed by the premier event, a motorcade arrival to the red carpet walk and interview with the evening’s masters of ceremonies. Guests made their way through town and ended up at Town Run Brewing for a dance party to wind up the night.

Participants were eager to have an unusual night out, but also felt good about the proceeds going to charity.

This year’s worthy recipient is Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley. This organization is local, serving the Eastern Panhandle counties of Jefferson, Morgan and Berkeley and select counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and provides support and assistance to cancer patients at no cost. The mission of BCA-CV is to strive through community involvement to make understood the impact of breast cancer and ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone. For more information about this organization, visit www.bcacv.org.

Laura Stottlemyer, one of the participants is a breast cancer survivor who benefited from the services of BCA-CV.

“My breast surgeon at the time actually referred me to them (BCA-CV),” said Stottlemyer. “They did provide me with wigs, scarves, information in general and resources – all at no charge. I definitely benefited from them. All the ladies that run the place are survivors themselves, so they get it – they understand. They know what you’re going through; they know what it feels like, and they can give that shoulder that’s so desperately needed during that time.”

The “Head Games” theme comes from the idea that Head gear has long held a place in history, distinguishing eras, echelon, rank and culture. Whether utilitarian in nature, for fun, sport, fashion, protection or adornment, humans have traditionally been compelled to dress up their heads. Masks and even war paint have been used to disguise, for entertainment purposes, job needs and as a means of self-expression.

Several area businesses participated in the evening by offering discounts to Identity Crisis ticket holders.

In a written statement, Lowe thanked event sponsors saying, “We are humbled by the amount of support from near and far. An event like Identity Crisis takes many hands and hearts to build and every year we are blessed to have those appear. I know this event won’t help every cause and I know that BCA-CV does not fix everything for everyone. I know there are other great organizations out there doing good.

But, I also know that we are DOING SOMETHING. We are raising awareness and we are raising money. We are raising hope and we are coming together to make impact in this crazy, sometimes upside down world. It is the SPIRIT of togetherness that we carry and we can apply this to anything.”

Lowe said that the projected donation from this year’s Identity Crisis is $10,000.