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a show of support

By Staff | Sep 2, 2016

Chronicle photo by Toni Milbourne David Holmes, left and Christina Holmes, right, stand with members of Jefferson’s Strategic Response Team after presenting them with a flag.

At the time of the Dallas, Texas police shootings, Ranson resident Christina Holmes felt the need to do something to show support to local law enforcement officers.

Holmes created a flag from a tarp and black and white duct tape to hang in honor and support of her local police forces.

The flag hung on the side of Holmes’ father’s home in Ranson.

“I?made the flag for you guys,” Holmes said Wednesday as she presented the item to the Strategic Response Team at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office.

“The first night I was asked to take it down and was even threatened that someone would burn it,” she shared. “But I didn’t take it down.”

Now that it appears as if the vehement attacks against police have ebbed, Holmes said she wanted to present the flag to the officers.

Accepting on behalf of the team was Sgt. Steve Holz who said the flag will hang on the wall in one of the department’s training rooms.

Holmes said she created the flag from a standard size tarp and applied white and black duct tape.

“Each star was cut out with an exacto knife,” she said.

Members of the SRT present when Holmes and her father, David, brought the flag included Lt. D. Colbert, Sgt. R. Sell, Holz, Cpl. V. Tiong, Cpl. B. Conway, Cpl. B. Haynes, Cpl. J. Forman, DFC A. Hockman and Dep. R. Rowland. Sheriff Pete Dougherty was also present.