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Caregivers ranked #10 out of 213 applications

By Staff | Sep 9, 2016

Good Shepherd Caregivers is once againpleased to be awarded $50,000 to disperse to tax payers through the West Virginia Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP). Out of 213 applications, Caregivers ranked #10. The Neighborhood Investment Program Credits are used to offset 2016 West Virginia State personal income tax or corporate net tax liability. Donations of $500 or more, qualify for a 50 percent tax credit.

This program allows Good Shepherd Caregivers to continue offering support that helps the aging and disable county residents remain independent and able to care for themselves.

While some may see the work as an act of charity, the organization sees it as a hand up to someone who needs a small amount of assistance to live on their own. This makes good sense for all who live in this community. Communities must adapt as people live longer.

This is not a sad story but one of empowerment. Many of the care receivers are active members of society who volunteer, care for loved ones and contribute in many ways to the community. Each individual brings with them a different story of why they need help. Aging is a natural part of life and brings some predictable patterns. The nation is moving into a time where people stay active, are healthier and live longer. This is not bad news but good news. All are encouraged to join together to focus on how to be a community that values and respects those of all ages.

For more information on how to receive Neighborhood Investment Program Tax Credits please call Good Shepherd Caregivers at 304-876-3325 or email Paula@gsivc.org.