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Cafe Society to discuss the ‘Rule of Law’

By Staff | Sep 16, 2016

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the topic for discussion at the Cafe Society will be The Rule of Law.

A short introduction to the discussion follows:

We as a nation are governed by laws, and not by autocrats or dictators or despots because we follow the Rule of Law. We are governed by laws, regardless of who the elected officials may be. Everyone is to be treated alike before the law.

No one, not the President nor the high school dropout is above the law. We strive for equal justice and fairness for all. We also recognize there are obstacles along the way.

Particularly, how do we treat everyone alike when our society is hierarchical, some more advantaged than others, some are wealthy and many others are poor, some are comfortable in many sectors of society and others are too often met with dislike and distrust because of their heritage or religion, some are highly educated and wise about the law and for others navigating the law enforcement and the judicial system is confusing and unaffordable?

How do we make the law enforcement and judicial process a level field, fair for all, and realize the goal of the Rule of Law? By Amendments to the Constitution, by statutes such as the Civil Rights Acts, and by rules and regulations regarding the judicial system, including, for example, life-time appointment of federal judges, the right to counsel and the Writ of Habeas Corpus, the field becomes less slanted.

Please come and help tackle these and related issues.

This informal weekly Cafe Society discussion, part of the Shepherd University Life Long Learning Program, will be held from 8:40 to 10 a.m. Tuesday morning in the Rumsey Room of the Shepherd University Student Center. There are no fees or registration requirements.Art Wineburg will moderate the discussion.