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St. Peter’s Lutheran Church helps with the little things

By Staff | Sep 30, 2016

Submitted photo Members of Saint Peter's Lutheran Church in Shepherdstown put together "One+Plus" kits to provide resources to those in need during emergency situations. Ahown at left are contents of the package.

After the floods that devastated counties in Southern West Virginia last month, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church in Shepherdstown is working to replenish emergency supplies in case of future disasters.

On Sunday, Sept. 25, members of Saint Peter’s along with members of the community, helped create One+Plus Kits that contain emergency supplies including pencils, sponges, rubber gloves, scissors, candles and can openers.

“The Lutheran Church has had a tradition of helping people in need; we do it globally and nationwide and this is our local project,” Gail Kohlhorst, a project coordinator, said.

Kohlhorst said that although the kits were made in at Saint Peter’s in Shepherdstown, they are stored at a storage facility at Trinity Lutheran Church of Arden in Martinsburg.

“The kits have a bunch of little things that everybody needs and especially if you’re totally wiped out, this is something to get you started,” Kohlhorst added.

According to Kohlhorst, the funding for this project came from nonprofit organizations.

“There’s something called Community Lutheran Partners, Inc. and right now it’s out of Wheeling but it can move around. At one point, it was located here at Saint Peter’s. Thrivent Financial provided what they call ‘seed money.’

“It’s a financial institution where you can make investments or buy insurance and all the profits go to Good Works,” Kohlhorst explained.

Thrivent Financial, according to their website, is a non-profit membership organization of Christians created to serve the society by guiding people to “be wise with money and live generously.”

The organization, which serves approximately 2.4 million members, supports programs that help build stronger families, churches and communities.

By supporting Good Works, Thrivent Financial was able to help by funding the creation of 48 One+Plus kits on Sunday alone containing a total of approximately $1,000 of materials.

“As a part of the Good Works, the private members, such as myself, get a gift card for $200 if they approve of your project and they give us the seed money to buy all of the supplies,” Kohlhorst said.

Kohlhorst said that the purpose of the kits is to give something to those in need that others may have not thought of.

“We are trying to fill a little gap,” Kohlhorst said, “There are other places that can give you furniture and stuff and places that will help you relocate but then you have nothing. This is just to get you started.”