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Gibbs shares his ‘Game Plan for Life’

By Staff | Oct 14, 2016

Former Redskin Coach Joe Gibbs shared his ‘Game Plan for Life with more than 800 men at the Ranson Civic Center on Wednesday morning.

The event, hosted and organized by Fellowship Bible Church, was intended to gather Christian believers and their potentially unsaved friends to hear Gibbs’ message he has outlined in his New York Times best seller, “Game Plan for Life.”

Gibbs, a three time Super Bowl champion and a three time NASCAR champion, arrived in Ranson Wednesday to address a gathering made up predominantly of men.

The breakfast meeting is one that Gibbs holds all around the country to gather men and explain the principles that have guided him to success in every aspect of his life.

Gibbs likened the ‘Game Plan for Life’ to a football game.

“The game plan for life is a team sport, just like football,” Gibbs said. He touted the ‘Game Plan for Life’ as a playbook that one should follow for successful living. It is based on following the Bible, Gibbs shared–the true play book, he said.

Gibbs said that one never knows when things will happen so you can’t be unprepared. He recollected the death of Shawn Taylor.

“He was 24 years old. He was defending his family against a break in and lost his life,”

“What influence are you having on others?” Gibbs asked the crowd. He said that the clock is ticking and the Bible is the game plan.

“This book will speak to you if you are on God’s team,” Gibbs shared. “The Bible is the game plan,” he continued.

Jim Routzhan, coordinator of the event for Fellowship Bible, called the breakfast a “kingdom buiding” event. The church, he said, began planning the breakfast last November.

To be considered a Game Plan site, one must have the goal of reaching up to 1,000 men in a properly sized venue. Gibbs and his crew then arrive to lead the morning session prior to the men’s work schedule.

“The goal,” Routzhan said, “is to plant seeds in men’s hearts–to bring men to Christ.” Routzhan said that Wednesday’s crowd was bigger than expected and was overjoyed that so many individuals heard Gibbs’ message.

Charles Town resident Robert Matlock said that he has been a Redskin fan for many years.

“I have nothing but respect for Coach Gibbs,” Matlock said. “He is someone I have always looked up to.”

Matlock went on to say that he had the desire to participate in the breakfast with his son so that they could hear the message shared by Gibbs.

“This is what life’s about,” Matlock said.

Each attendee at the breakfast received a free copy of Gibbs’ book “Game Plan for Life.” The coach, following his motivational speech, remained in the hall to meet and greet all who wished to stay. He signed copies of the books, Redskin and NASCAR memorabilia and even allowed folks to try on his Super Bowl ring.

Pastor Van Marsceau, senior pastor at Fellowship, called it a privilege to have Coach Gibbs come to speak to those gathered.

“His [Gibbs] life, his testimony, his excellent leadership spilled over at this breakfast,” Marsceau said. “It was incredible to have over 800 people at 7 in the morning,” he continued.

Marsceau indicated that he was extremely pleased to see several local high school football teams in attendance at the breakfast. Musselman, Martinsburg and Hedgesville all brought their teams to hear the star coach’s message. All of the area’s teams were invited to attend; however some chose not to take advantage of the opportunity to hear Gibbs’ speech.

Several area churches worked to spread the word about the event and their memberships were instrumental in bringing the significant numbers to the Civic Center Wednesday.

Jason Jones, a member of FBC who served on the organizing committee, commended Routzhan for all of his work.

“Jim did an amazing job getting everyone to fill thier roles. He was an excellent coordinator.”