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Jefferson County Schools to host second annual Teach and Treat event

By Staff | Oct 28, 2016

Jefferson County Schools will host its second annual Teach and Treat event for more than 114 preschool children from South Jefferson Elementary, Children First Development Center, Small Scholars Preschool and Driswood Elementary on Friday, Oct. 28, at the district’s central office.

JCS central office staff provided an interactive educational program for pre-school children. The program will include characters from children’s literature and various community jobs to familiarize the students with their functions.

After soliciting donations, all central office employees decorated the spaces with their own time and financial resources. This year, each room will be transformed into scenes like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom literacy circle, Old McDonald’s Farm, It’s a Small World, It is great to be ME, the Peanuts Gang and Human Resources’ Paw Patrol.

The purpose of the Teach and Treat event is to provide a fun, educational experience for children and help them develop their social skills. The event is part of ongoing efforts by the JCS central office to be an effective part of the district’s instructional program and make cultural events and holidays that children enjoy a positive educational experience.

“Helping literacy come alive for students in positive and meaningful ways is an important part of our program,” said Bondy Gibson, superintendent of JCS. “It also reinforces our commitment to the theme of One Jefferson in which every employee is an important part of helping students to improve social and cognitive abilities.”

Along with enhancing children’s social skills, the event exposed students to many different characters in a short time frame while giving them the chance to talk about their favorite book or characters with a trusted adult in a safe place.