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Marks takes top spot at Freedom’s Run event

By Staff | Oct 28, 2016

On Oct. 1, Jasmine Marks, 33, took the first place title of her age and gender group in the Freedom’s Run half marathon.

Marks, a Shepherdstown resident and worker at the Sweet Shop, placed first out of 361 female racers and seventh overall out of 682 both male and female racers.

Marks, who could not afford to race, said she allowed her customers to pay her entrance fee.

“I run here in town every day. Some of my customers asked me if I was going to run in Freedom’s Run and I told them no because I just run for fun and I can’t afford it since I’m saving for a car,” Marks said.

“My customers asked me if they paid for it, would I run and I said of course. After that I had about 3 customers pitch in and buy me a ticket,” Marks added.

Marks said that although she just runs for fun now, it used to be her job.

“I’m actually originally from San Diego, California. I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University and I had a full ride cross country and track scholarship so I went to school for free and my job was to race,” Marks explained.

“I came here because I married a marine who was stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego and he’s from West Virginia. After he got out he wanted to move back home, so now he’s going to school at Shepherd University,””Marks added.

Marks said her motive behind racing in Freedom’s Run was for her three daughters- Raquel, Esabeya and Jasmine, as well as her husband, Richard Marks, who fought in Afghanistan just days after the attacks on Sept. 11.