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Morgan Academy sends student to polls as part of history lessons

By Staff | Nov 11, 2016

Chronicle photo by Toni Milbourne Snyder Christian announces to all Morgan Academy voters that the polls are now open.

Students at Morgan Academy in Shepherdstown spent Election Day going to the polls.

Students served as polling officials who greeted the rest of the student body as they entered the polling place to cast their ballot for President of the United States.

History teacher Melanie Zajicek explained that the presidential seat was the only one of the ballot to save time. Having only one office was sufficient to drive home the knowledge of how the voting system works in this country.

“We studied the election process and what the qualifications are for the office of president,” Zajicek said.

“But our most important lesson was on respect–respect for other’s opinions and ideas and the importance of being able to have a discussion based on respect and knowledge.

Students had studied the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates specifically and what their views on specific issues involved. Issues included education, the environment and other issues of national importance.

Each student was given a chart outlining candidate positions to take home and discuss with their parents. Based on their discussions, along with lessons learned in school, the students selected their top choice for the Commander in Chief.

Lori Robertson, who serves as Operations Manager for the school, reported later in the day on Tuesday that of the 61 votes cast at Morgan Academy, 37 of those went to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump recieved 18 votes while Gary Johnson secured six votes. Jill Stein did not receive any support.

In addition to the election process itself, the students followed the candidates on the campaign trail, keeping track on a map of the United States where each traveled.

As the polls opened Tuesday morning, which was announced by Snyder Christian, each student shook patriotic noisemakers and cheered because living in a free country, they have the right to vote for their leader.

Chronicle photo by Toni Milbourne Poll workers Harper Furioso and Daniela Brown stand outside the voting booth as they wait for voters.

Each pod, or classroom, was redesignated as a “District” as they were called in turn to make their way to the polling place and enter the voting booth to cast their ballot.

Morgan Academy is a private school serving ages K-eighth grade.