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Town Council discusses recycling, events and potential new ordinance

By Staff | Nov 11, 2016

Shepherdstown is making strides in the issue of clean up and recycling. At Tuesday’s Town Council meeting, Lori Robertson presented an approved receptacle to capture cigarette butts, although no decision has yet been made as to where the receptacles will be placed.

Council has been discussing for several months the issue of unsightly cigarette butt litter on the streets of Shepherdstown, and is happy to have a solution in the works.

“The company that makes these containers will, believe it or not, recycle the cigarette butts,” said Robertson. “It’s free to ship the contents back to the company (cigarette companies pay for this service) and they will recycle every single part of the cigarette pack except the cardboard-and we already recycle cardboard here-the cellophane and everything else, they recycle.”

Additionally in the world of recycling, discussion has taken place about a potential styrofoam ban in town. Council has been talking with restaurant owners to consider biodegradable alternatives as carry-out containers. Some restaurant owners in town have already implemented such measures, but others are concerned about a cost increase that would have to be passed along to consumers. No final decision has been made at this time, but council members are still exploring options.

Christmas in Shepherdstown kicks off on Nov. 25, and a new addition this year will be an offer that may be hard for parents to refuse from Black Box Arts Center. Each Saturday for Christmas in Shepherdstown, the center will offer childcare between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to parents who might want to shop or dine without their kids. There will be food provided, as well as crafts and theater activities.

The mayor added a personal plea for community involvement in making sure sidewalks are kept clean and trash is picked up for Christmas in Shepherdstown.

“We are all Shepherdstown,” said Mayor Auxer. “And as such, in light of the upcoming Christmas in Shepherdstown festivities, let’s really work together on keeping our town clean and putting our best foot forward. People will not want to come to Shepherdstown if it’s not clean and well cared for.”

A new ordinance has been approved. Council had a second reading of an ordinance to impose a municipal court technology/maintenance fee, thereby making it law that an additional fee will be assessed to anyone appearing in municipal court.

Application for a survey and planning grant is in the works to revise the existing Town of Shepherdstown’s Historic District Design Guidelines, which were originally approved in 2010 and have become outdated, according to Town Council.

The town will put up $3,000 for the project, and will receive another $7,000 in grant monies, if approved. The project goal is to revisit gaps and ambiguities in the existing guidelines and help property owners better understand expectations, methods and techniques for historic preservation.