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Squeeze the Bag coming back to town

By Staff | Dec 30, 2016

The bellows-blown bagpipe is a quieter, more parlor-oriented cousin to the great highland bagpipes most folks are familiar with, designed to be played with other instruments in smaller, more intimate settings. Four kinds of bagpipes will be featured: the Scottish smallpipe, the quieter cousin of the great highland pipes, the Irish uilleann (or Union) pipes, Northumbrian smallpipes and the Border pipes which are played in the border region between Scotland and England. The concert is divided into three sections We’ll open with the tiny Northumbrian pipes of England with Dick Hensold, then we’ll move to Irish section of the program with uilleann piper, Joey Abarta, flutist John Skelton, and fiddler, Nathan Gourley.

The Scottish section of the concert will feature pipers Hollis Easter, Nick Hudson, and Iain MacHarg all tied together by our host piper, Bob Mitchell and more, in a set of music from the highlands and border regions of Scotland and Cape Breton on both Scottish smallpipes and Border pipes. At Shepherd University’s Reynolds Hall, 100 N. King Street, Shepherdstown.

Tickets are $20 adults, $18 seniors, $15 members, $10 students. Information on the web at smad.us, or email upperpotomac@gmail.com, or call 304-263-2531.