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Music and arts revitalized through Shepherdstown Music and Dance

By Staff | Jan 20, 2017

Shepherdstown Music and Dance has been bringing the arts to Shepherds-town and the surrounding area in a variety of ways.

The organization’s goal is to build a sense of community in Shepherdstown through fun traditional music, dance and folklore.

These events range from various dancers, local musical artists and even contra-dance workshops that the public can attend.

One of the organization’s most recent events were just one of these contra-dances. Music was provided by the Fiddle Retreat Open Band and was called by Kappy Lanning.

These workshops are set in War Memorial Building at120 E. German Street and consist of a set of musicians and students dancers.

While the music is played, these talented students begin to dance and help with the workshop attendants.

While one person is on the stage, they begin to sing or “call” instructions to the rest of the dancers.

These dances are open to and welcome both skilled dancers and newcomers alike.

One of the workshop attendants, Kiara Goeins said, “The workshop is a lot of fun, it isn’t difficult either.”

“I was hesitant at first, because I had never done a contra-dance before, but the dancers and singer both really work with you. There is no reason to be nervous, because everyone is there to just have a great time and enjoy the music and culture,” she went on to say.

All ages are encouraged to attend these dances, and are asked to wear soft shoes.

Events such as contra-dances, concerts and much more are being created by this organization and can be found on their event calendar at their website, smad.us.

Videos of these contra-dances and other concerts can also be found on their Facebook page, @Shepmusicanddance.