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Crowds rally for/against AG Morrisey

By Staff | Apr 4, 2017

Several dozen people turned out Saturday both opposing and in support of West Virginia Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey.

The crowd gathered at the wall in front of McMurran Hall to make their voices heard as Morrisey was in Shepherdstown to speak at an MBA summit held at Shepherd University.

Mary Anne Hitt, member of the Sierra Club and Shepherdstown resident addressed the crowd, critical of Morrisey saying that his support of “Right to Work”, means less pay, harder working conditions and stumbling blocks to unionization. She was also condemning Morrisy concerning the opioid crisis, environmental issues, the Affordable Care Act and LGBT rights.

“Patrick Morrisey talks out of both sides of his mouth,” said Hitt. “He talks a good game, but he’s very close with the companies that are shipping millions of pills into West Virginia. Morrisey has been the ring leader of efforts to stop action on climate change, and he’s cozy with big oil, big coal, and big polluters. Is that the future we want for West Virginia?”

Attorney, Michael Santa Barbara agreed saying, “My objections to Attorney General Morrisey are that he ‘piles on’. He doesn’t seem to have any original ideas. He simply blows the way the Republican party wants him to blow. I’m particularly offended by his stance on Right to Work. My daughter is particularly offended by his connections to big pharma. He makes a lot of noise about combating the opioid addiction crisis in West Virginia, but in my opinion, he hasn’t done anything very novel or effective.”

Charles Horst, who was there in support of Morrisey said, “He stands up for citizen’s rights and is a very strong advocate for second amendment rights. He has put together a three-pronged approach to go after the opioid issue, which involves going after the dealers, big pharma, and includes some rehabilitation. He’s been a great attorney general. He’s not afraid to go after the big folks down in D.C., especially the EPA with their big government overreach.”

Another supporter, Ray Bruning said, “He’s done more for this state in the past five years than our previous attorney general, McGraw did in eight. He’s ethical. He’s returned all the money that he’s sued in law suits back to the state treasury, compared to the previous attorney general who didn’t return any of that money back to the state of West Virginia. He’s made more prosecutions of the opioid epidemic than the previous attorney general.”

Burning continued, “I’m here to counter these protesters and state the facts instead of the emotional response of wanting clean water. We all want clean water. I’ve lived here 30 years and I kayak and use these waters. The question is one of the overreach of the federal government and the EPA and what they’re permitted to do. It’s about state’s rights. West Virginia can handle its own and we have our own EPA.”

The protest was organized by Vigilance Jefferson County, the Sierra Club and the Eastern Panhandle Young Democrats.