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Yarnability is moving

By Staff | Apr 4, 2017

“Karen brings fresh ideas, lots of energy, and fiber arts enthusiasm and expertise. Always in touch with trends and what’s new, she can keep Yarnability current and moving forward.

Karen wants to continue the mission of providing a space for creativity, sharing ideas and supporting success. She has some trepidation about being a small business owner, but finds comfort in knowing that the Yarnability customers will continue to support her.

With age comes the growing realization that the years ahead are getting fewer. I need to explore new creative pursuits and fulfilling projects along with a more restful lifestyle. I want to stay part of the knitting community, but in a different way. I’ll still be at Yarnability: working, teaching and socializing.

I’ll support Karen with creative direction, business advice and pep talks from a veteran yarn shop owner. I look forward to the ways Yarnability will change.” ~Susan Wolcott, former owner of Yarnability.

The new location will be in downtown Charles Town, at 130 W. Washington St., with a grand opening on April 5.