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Giving to Educate

By Staff | May 19, 2017

Chronicle photo by Vanessa McGuigan Shepherd University President, Mary Hendrix addresses board members at the Foundation meeting.

At a recent Shepherd University Foundation Board of Directors meeting, University President Mary J.C. Hendrix announced that she and her husband, Charles Craft would be giving a large monetary donation to the University.

“I’ve been here about one year,” said Hendrix. “It’s a time when I’ve been able to look at all of our assets and really look at our challenges and our greatest challenge is that we are a state institution that receives only 15 percent of our budget from the state of West Virginia. They are just minor investors in everything we’re doing here. We have to really think about that. In order to advance Shepherd’s mission we have to really look at private-public partnerships. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to go forward.”

Hendrix continued her remarks saying that she and her husband had been inspired by many gifts given to the university and particularly the recent $250 thousand challenge gift from Michael Smith, Foundation president, Shepherd Alumnus and recipient of the President’s Award.

“I am pleased to announce that my husband and I are creating the Shepherd Success Fund’ to provide vital seed support for Shepherd’s future by funding initiatives that are critical for training the next generation,” said Hendrix. “We’re starting the gift with this amount of $400 thousand dollars.

A lot of this gift will follow Mike Smith’s model of being a matching fund so that we can work with our staff, faculty, and wonderful donors to be able to expand this seed amount. We are running an academic enterprise based on sound business principles. This is a realistic way to become successful, advance our mission and train the next generation.”

The university will designate specific projects that will qualify for matching funds from the Shepherd Success Fund, administered by the Shepherd University Foundation. In this way, the impact of private gifts to those initiatives will be doubled by a match from the fund created by Hendrix and Craft.

To learn how to support Shepherd University, contact Monica Lingenfelter, executive vice-president of the Shepherd University Foundation at 304-876-5397 or email mlingenf@shepherd.edu.