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Mayor commends event volunteers and organizers

By Staff | Jul 14, 2017

Mayor Jim Auxer opened Tuesday evening’s Town Council meeting with commendations for the many in and around Shepherdstown who have worked to provide the town with so many successful events in the recent months. He specifically cited the Farm to Fork dinner, Streetfest and the annual Fourth of July parade.

“Everyone did a wonderful job,” he said. “I applaud all of the volunteers.”

Auxer said that events such as these make Shepherdstown a destination for many.

“I don’t believe we ever had this many people for July 4,” the mayor said. “And we had 75 entries in the parade – the largest ever.”

The town’s organizations, including the Streetfest organizers, the Rotary Club and others work hard to bring a variety of events to the town for the benefit of residents and visitors. Parades celebrating various holidays and occasions are held throughout the year. The next scheduled parade will be Shepherd University’s Homecoming parade in the fall. Easter, May Day and Christmas also offer parade events.

The Shepherdstown Visitor’s Center calendar lists multiple events in the upcoming months, several which were highlighted Tuesday evening.

The Contemporary American Theater Festival is currently underway in town, offering six plays from which theater-goers may choose. Information and show times for those can be found at www.CATF.org.

The Shepherdstown Mysteries Walk is an ongoing happening in town as are Sunday’s Farmer’s Market.

Another upcoming annual event is the Identity Crisis scheduled for Aug. 12. In its 8th year, the event is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness-Cumberland Valley.

This year also marks the 150th anniversary of Antietam National Cemetery that has special events scheduled in late August and early September, including a Speaker Series at Shepherd University.

The town will be bustling with activity throughout the remainder of 2017. Details of all events can be found on the calendar page of the Shepherdstown Visitor’s Center website at www.shepherdstowninfo.com.

In conjunction with praising all for their efforts on the events that take place in town, Mayor Auxer urged citizens to make sure their properties are properly maintained.

“Cut your grass and trim the weeds,” Auxer encouraged. “We want to put our best foot forward and we can all work to make our town look better.”