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Confectionary Calls: Fire Department hosts annual bake auction

By Staff | Jul 21, 2017

Chronicle photos by Toni Milbourne Auctioneer Densil Niebert tries to fan the flames of the bidding competition during the annual bake auction at Shepherdstown Fire Hall.

Continuing a long-standing tradition, Shepherdstown Fire Department hosted their annual bake auction Friday evening, in conjunction with a car show and a silent auction.

Beautiful cars from all eras lined the grassy lawn beside the fire station where folks strolled through to check out the rides. Memories were shared about cars from yesteryear and wistful eyes fell on the ‘one day’ dream cars. Children, especially, marveled at the Ghostbuster car that came to be part of the fun.

After a dinner that could include some delicious pulled pork, the action got started when Densil Nibert opened the bidding on dozens of baked goods that had been lovingly prepared and donated for the event.

Bids ranged from $10 to $600 depending on the treat, the baker and the bidder. Nibert encouraged folks to bid higher to benefit the company and many took him up on the urging.

Bidding wars are a common occurrence at the annual auction and Friday was no exception. Company EMS Chief Marshall DeMeritt was determined to be the winning bidder on delicious cupcakes created by his 8-year-old daughter Lily. But Chief Ross Morgan was not going to let them go cheap. The two battled in bids until DeMeritt rose victorious with a bid of $210.

Marshall DeMeritt reigned victorious in the bidding war to capture cupcakes baked by his daughter, Lily.

“They are vanilla with chocolate and sprinkles,” Lily explained. “And they are really good.”

Throughout the evening, several items could be found stacking up beside company treasurer Dennis Barron. Barron was a constant bidder through the evening. When asked about all those sweets, he simply shared that he purchased them and then donated them back to the company to serve as desserts at the bingo fundraiser to be held the following day.

All of the items were baked and donated to the auction by members of the community in efforts to raise needed funds for the volunteer department.

DeMeritt commented that the funds will go into the general budget of the company to help pay for things like rising fuel costs and maintenance. The company was the recipient last year of some grant funding to help with the purchase of a new ladder truck. They also purchased two highly needed ambulances for the company.

The auction, in past years, was combined with a week-long carnival; however the department changed to a one-day event several years ago. DeMeritt said that the event is noticed mostly by word of mouth.

“Facebook helped to generate some new bakers this year,” he said. “Now we need to generate some new buyers.”

A silent auction also brought in funds as bids were taken on coins, cooking items, knick-knacks and more.

A final tally of the night’s proceeds was not immediately available.