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4-H friends deliver babies same day, time

By Staff | Aug 4, 2017

Submitted photo LeeAnn Morgan-Trainor, left, and Heather Ishman Duncan are shown posing for a photo while both were volunteering during the recent Tri-County Older 4-H Camp at Camp Frame in Hedgesville.

HEDGESVILLE – Summer camps can be breading ground for young campers to make lifelong friends. For LeeAnn Morgan-Trainor and Heather Ishman, this was no exception. However, this is where their story departs from the norm and takes a turn toward the fascinating.

During this year’s Tri-County Older 4-H Camp at Camp Frame in Hedgesville, both Morgan-Trainor and Ishman were volunteering their time, giving back to an organization and experience they both value.

“Heather and I have known each other since we joined 4-H almost 20 years ago,” Morgan-Trainor said.

Not only were these former campers and friends volunteering, they were both pregnant – and getting ready to give birth at any moment.

That fateful day came on June 28 when Ishman gave birth to a baby girl, Carley Michelle Duncan. Interestingly enough, barely 20 minutes away, Morgan-Trainor welcomed her baby girl, Teagan Lily Trainor. Not only had these friends given birth on the same day, their daughters were both born at exactly 2:46 a.m.

“As soon as I heard Heather and I both had our daughters on the same day and at the exact same minute, I couldn’t believe it,” Morgan-Trainor said. “What a sweet little double miracle! And how ironic since we had just visited with each other a couple weeks before while we were both volunteering at Camp Frame.”

Ishman credits their reuniting with one another as a catalyst for this “weird, cool, exciting” moment.

“It’s definitely not something that you hear of everyday. We took a ‘belly picture’ during … camp and I think Carley and Teagan must have synced up then. It’s the only explanation that I have,” Ishman said.

Ishman said she hope their daughters will form a lifelong bond – with their birth stories, and 4-H.

“I certainly hope that they will have a long-time bond. They will pretty much grow up in the same activities, such as 4-H, and both of our families are involved in agriculture and farming. Having the same birth day and time is definitely a conversation starter they can share for the rest of their lives,” Ishman said.

Morgan-Trainor echoed Ishman’s hope.

“I truly hope that our girls form a special bond over their shared birthday. And maybe they’ll even end up sharing a bunk bed at 4-H camp,” she said.

According to the duo, 4-H played an intergeral part in their lives, and they desire the same to be true for their little girls.

“4-H has always been a huge part of my life and I can’t wait to watch both of our girls grow up with it as well. I know I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without 4-H. It shapes and molds youth in a positive way that no other organization can,” Morgan-Trainor said.

“4-H is a wonderful program that has given both of us our public speaking and social skills, it has taught us responsibility and pertinent life skills to us specificially – like animal husbandry and ethics,” Ishman remarked.

While both will enjoy seeing their daughters grow and form a friendship, Morgan-Trainor said the best part will be getting to see it blossom alongside her friend.

“I hope to one day be sitting side-by-side with Heather while we watch our girls ride their first horse show, or do their first demonstartion at their 4-H meeting,” she concluded.

Regardless of where life leads Carley and Teagan, they’ll always have this great connection and story to share.