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Reduce, Reuse: Town continues to explore glass recycling

By Staff | Aug 11, 2017

In early May, residents were apprised of a new policy from Apple Valley Recycling, and the state of West Virginia, that glass would no longer be accepted as a recyclable item that would be gathered by Apple Valley.

Spokespersons for the company explained that glass, of any color, was no longer an in demand item, therefore, recycling would cease.

Residents were told that they could continue to take glass to Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority, 332 Jefferson Orchard Road in Kearneysville, or to Berkeley County’s landfill on designated days.

The change was not met well by residents or town officials, who pride themselves on helping keep glass out of the solid waste stream.

In pursuing an alternative, the town now announces that they will partner with Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority to develop a new plan to recycle mixed glass. One the plan is instituted, the residents and businesses of Shepherdstown will be able to recycle mixed glass.

According to information provided by town recorder Lori Robertson, this means that residents and businesses will not have to separate it by color, but will have to separate it from the rest of the recycling.

“Recycling is near and dear to our hearts in Shepherdstown, so we will be able to offer glass recycling again in the near future. Thankfully, we can once again keep glass out of our solid waste stream,” Robertson said.

The timeline for instituting mixed-glass recycling pick-up is dependent upon procuring the needed equipment. In the meantime, JCSWA has placed a container at their facility for mixed-glass drop-off.

Robertson indicated that s special thank you goes out to Mayor Jim Auxer, Frank Welch, Public Works director; Billy Madert, Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority director; and Carry All Products (CAP Glass) – the company in Pennsylvania where the glass will be recycled.

“We are committed to providing recycling services for the Corporation of Shepherdstown and our residents,” Robertson said.

She called for continued patience and understanding during the process to move forward with the new recycling program.