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Program looks to ‘nourish’ literacy through meals

By Staff | Oct 6, 2017

Submitted photo Linda Spatig stands with the “Nourishing Literature Giving Circle” display at the Shepherdstown Public Library.

The Shepherdstown Public Library is partnering with members of the community who wish to support the library on a monthly basis through an ongoing, sustainable system called the Nourishing Literacy Giving Circle – one meal at a time.

For the equivalent cost of one meal per month, members of the giving circle can easily donate to the library through automatic monthly withdrawls, thereby eliminating the hassle of trying to remember to send in money. Contributions are tax deductible and can be canceled at any time.

“We became very interested in the library (after moving here two years ago). We came to love it and appreciate it like so many other people in the community. We realized pretty quickly how important the library was in this area and what great programming and services they provided in our community and beyond,” said Linda Spatig, the committee chair of the giving circle.

Spatig joined the Friends of Shepherdstown Library (FOSL) but through increased involvement in its events, Spatig realized that the fundraising events, wonderful as they are, are not enough to sustain the library-especially while trying to raise money for a new facility.

Spatig said the five people who started the program believe whole-heartedly that the library nourishes the community and ran with the theme of feeding and nourishing the library in return, and by extension, enhancing the literacy of the community.

“I embraced Nourishing Literacy as a creative opportunity for community folks to contribute to, and sustain, our library,” said one of the other Nourishing Literacy founding members, Carolyn Rodis. “I hope we can involve more young families in giving through this affordable method.”

Spatig says the giving circle will provide greater sustaining support for the library and will not be used for events since there are other fundraisers for those things. Instead, this money will be used to help meet the library’s building fund goal until that is achieved. Afterwards, it will be given to various library programs on an as-needed basis.

The kickoff for the giving circle took place on Sept. 26 at the Appalachian Heritage Writer-in-Residence celebration, which featured West Virginia’s Poet Laureate, Marc Harshman. Spatig said the giving circle hopes to offer similar programs once or twice a year for members to get together to attend a literary event.

“The main focus isn’t so much on the amount of the monthly contribution as it is about the regularity and reliability over time. And the fact that it is combined with the regular monthly contributions of other members. It’s like being a sustaining member of public radio,” Spatig said.

For those wishing to participate in the giving circle, more information can be found at the Shepherdstown Library or online at lib.shepherdstown.wv.us.