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Abshire hired as new town zoning officer

By Staff | Dec 12, 2008

Michael Abshire, Zoning Officer

Michael Abshire is Shepherdstown’s new zoning officer. Hired part-time by the Shepherdstown Town Council, Abshire works 20 hours a week and has office hours at Town Hall, 104 N. King St., from 10 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday.

Abshire is a licensed real estate agent and a career journalist, a job which required him to commute for many years to the Washington-Baltimore area. Being able to work in Shepherdstown and avoid a long commute attracted him to the zoning officer post, he said. He lives just south of town off Morgan’s Grove Road.

When Abshire first moved to Shepherdstown in 1975 to attend Shepherd University, he worked at Kave’s Grocery where the Sweet Shop Bakery is located.

Abshire works with the Planning Commission and Historic Landmarks Commission and will be involved with updates to the Title 9 planning ordinances. He works with resident building permit applicants to ensure they are prepared to take their proposals to the Planning Commission for a decision.

— Contact Zoning Officer

Michael Abshire at 876-6858.