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Tuba Christmas to take place Dec. 24

By Staff | Dec 2, 2011

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church is hosting the registration for “Tuba Christmas” as part of the 250th anniversary celebration of Shepherdstown.

Tuba Christmas, which is a free public concert of Christmas carols played on the tuba and euphonium, is held at different locations throughout the United States during the Christmas season. The Shepherdstown Tuba Christmas concert will take place on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, on the steps of McMurran Hall on German Street at 1 p.m. Erik Jones, director of Choral and Vocal Activities at Shepherd University, will conduct the group. The Shepherdstown Tuba Christmas coordinators are Kathleen Corpus and Keith Alexander.

Tuba Christmas was conceived as a tribute to late teacher and tuba player William J. Bell. The first Tuba Christmas was performed on New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink in 1974. The not-for-profit Harvey Phillips Foundation of Indiana continues the legacy of Tuba Christmas in honor of Mr. Bell, Mr. Harvey Phillips, who was a tuba player and creator of Tuba Christmas, and all music enthusiasts.

Tuba Christmas player registration begins at 10 a.m. Dec. 24 in St. Peter’s Social Hall. Rehearsal follows at 10:30 a.m., and the free public concert begins at 1 p.m. Approximately 40 musicians are expected from the four state region.

Tuba and euphonium players are invited to participate in the performance of traditional Christmas carols.

For more information about Tuba Christmas visit the website www.tubachristmas.com.